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Plumbing Repairs

Tree Trimming

Benefits Of Our Tree Trimming Services:

  • Improves the Overall Health of Your Trees
  • Help the Tree Get Better Exposure to Sunlight
  • Tree Trimming Helps Counterbalancing Root Loss
  • Allows You To Detect Any Diseases before They Advance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Minimizes Damage
  • Improve the Overall Appearance of the Tree
  • Adds Value to Your Property’s Environment
Plumbing Repairs

Tree Removal

Benefits Of Our Tree Removal Services:

  • Have A Tree Cutting Permit
  • Follow Tree Removal Laws Of Your City/State
  • Save Time By Hiring Professionals Equiped WIth Latest Machinery
  • Reducing The Risk Of Accidents Or Injury
  • Ensure Safety
  • Keeping Pests Away From Other Trees and Plants In Your Garden
  • Your Yard Will Once Again Look Neat And Clean
  • Preserving Younger Trees By Keeping Them Healthy
Plumbing Repairs

Tree Installation

Benefits Of Our Tree Installation:

  • Trees Increase Property Value
  • trees Clean The Air
  • Trees Increase Business Traffic
  • Trees Provide Oxygen
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Nature’s Beauty
  • Reduces Flood Risk
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Prevents Soil Erosion
  • Trees Benefit The Soil Conditions
  • Reduces Pollutants
  • Removes And Stores Carbon From The Air

About Our Company

All About Trees, Inc. is a complete Tree Service, Landscaping and Pest Control company that has been serving Orlando, Florida since 1990. We specialize in all aspects of Tree Care and tree care utilizing the safest, most advanced and environmentally sound methods available in the industry. We pride ourselves of the fact that most of our estimators are certified arborists and have on staff tree trimmers that are certified tree workers. We are one of the largest tree and landscape companies in Orlando and have worked on many contracts (i.e. City, County, State, Commercial and Residential). No job is too large or small for our company. We treat every job and customer with the same respect - our reputation depends on it.